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School District Officials Endorse Kampf Bill to Exempt School Districts from Prevailing Wage
HARRISBURG—Rep. Warren Kampf (R-Chester/Montgomery) today stood with officials from the Phoenixville Area School District who endorsed his bill to reduce costs for school districts across Pennsylvania by exempting them from the state’s prevailing wage requirements for public works contracts.

Kampf calls House Bill 709 the “School Construction Cost Reduction Act.”

Kampf was joined by Dr. Alan Fegley, superintendent of the Phoenixville Area School District; Paul Slaninka, president of the Phoenixville Area School Board; and Stan Johnson, district director of operations of Phoenixville Area School District.

“School districts across the state are facing difficult financial challenges,” Kampf said. “But the state compounds this by forcing them to pay an inflated rate for public contracts. This is fiscally foolish and places a crippling burden on taxpayers, especially those on fixed incomes who cannot handle increased property taxes.”

"We have $86 million in construction costs upcoming in the district,” Slaninka said. “If we were able to choose not to use the prevailing wage rate we could save $8.6 million for the taxpayers."

Prevailing wage rules require public agencies to pay contractors wages and benefits “that are set by bureaucrats,” Kampf said. In some cases, that inflates wages well above what that contractor’s work is worth in a particular location.

Kampf’s bill would exempt school districts as a public entity required by state law to pay prevailing wages, unless the school board votes to be subject to prevailing wage.

“Requiring our school districts to follow this law can be a huge financial hardship.” Kampf said. “School districts are struggling to balance their budgets. We need to relieve them of these costly mandates from the state government so they can run as much like a business as possible, meet there core mission of educating our children, and save all taxpayers money where they can.”

House Bill 709, which has 46 co-sponsors, is on the House calendar having been voted favorably out of committee.

State Representative Warren Kampf
157th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact:
David Foster
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