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My Audio Updates
Here you will find audio clips about important events that have taken place during the current and past Legislative Sessions.
Legislation Introduced to Allow Law Enforcement to Temporarily Seize Guns from Those Who Are a Danger to Themselves and Others - 5/22/2018
Legislation to create Extreme Risk Protection Orders in Pennsylvania that would allow law enforcement and family members to request a court temporarily seize the guns of someone who is a danger to themselves or others was unveiled this week in Harrisburg. House Bill 2227, sponsored by Rep. Todd Stephens (R-Montgomery), was introduced in reaction to recent mass shooting incidents where perpetrators were allowed to purchase or have access to firearms despite exhibiting signs of emotional or mental health problems. The bill has support from gun reform advocacy groups and the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association. Rep. Warren Kampf (R-Chester, Montgomery) offered comments at the press conference.
Kampf Comments on Passage of Landmark Pension Reform Legislation - 6/8/2017
Legislation designed to reform Pennsylvania’s state employee and public school employee retirement systems has been approved by the Pennsylvania House. Senate Bill 1 would establish a hybrid retirement benefit plan, including defined benefit and defined contribution components. New employees would be mandatory members of the new hybrid plan.
Rep. Kampf Comments on House Passage of Pension Reform Legislation - 6/15/2016
Legislation designed to reform Pennsylvania’s public pension system and place new state workers into a hybrid retirement plan has been approved by the Pennsylvania House. The hybrid formula would provide prospective employees with a baseline pension, and a defined benefit – 401K style – plan for any income earned over $50,000. The change will also help to address the unfunded pension liability currently plaguing the Commonwealth’s Public School Employees (PSERS) and State Employees (SERS) retirement systems. Senate Bill 1071 now awaits concurrence in the Senate.
Rep. Kampf Opposes Increased Taxation and Spending in Governor's Budget Proposal - 4/13/2015
Members of the Chester County delegation of the Pennsylvania House recently voiced their opposition to the proposed tax hikes and spending increases included in Gov. Wolf’s budget proposal. Wolf’s plan would increase state spending by nearly 5 billion dollars, supported by a higher personal income tax, and an augmented sales tax rate including an expansion of taxable goods and services. It is estimated that the Governor’s proposal would result in a 177 million dollar increase for the taxpayers of Chester County.
Rep. Kampf Comments on House Passage of Liquor Privatization Bill - 2/26/2015
The Pennsylvania House voted Thursday in favor of House Bill 466, which would shut down the state’s outmoded state liquor store system and replace it with more modern, privately owned wine and spirit retail system. House Bill 466 is nearly identical to liquor privatization legislation passed by the House in March 2013. It includes a series of reforms for beer, liquor and wine sales and would allow beer distributors to expand their businesses to sell liquor and wine as well as beer. Pennsylvania’s current liquor system was created more than 80 years ago, in 1933, following the repeal of Prohibition. The Commonwealth is presently one of only two states which continue to hold a complete monopoly over wholesale and retail sale of liquor. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.
Rep. Kampf Comments on Inauguration and Upcoming Legislative Issues - 1/7/2015
Recently re-elected members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly gathered on Tuesday in the state capitol to take the oath of office and to begin reorganizing the state’s legislative branch. Rep. Warren Kampf (R-Chester, Montgomery) said he is looking forward to tackling the state’s pension issues, and working to improve the climate for small business in the Commonwealth.
Rep. Kampf Supports Action on Hybrid Pension Plan to Save Taxpayer Dollars - 6/4/2014
House lawmakers joined representatives of the education and business communities Wednesday in Harrisburg to explain details of a proposed hybrid pension plan designed to get a handle on the growing multi-billion dollar funding crisis facing Pennsylvania’s public pension systems. Sponsor of pension reform legislation Rep. Warren Kampf (R-Chester & Montgomery) said if changes to the state employees and Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement Systems are made soon, it would begin to control the spiraling costs now borne by taxpayers. Chuck Nichols reports... story and bite available.
Rep. Kampf Comments on Legislation to Reduce RACP Borrowing Limit - 10/17/2013
Legislation designed to reduce the debt burden of state government and reform the troubled Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) received unanimous bipartisan approval in the Pennsylvania House on Wednesday. House Bill 493 would reduce the RACP debt ceiling and implement controls to ensure new projects are worthy of inclusion in the program which has long been plagued by spending abuse. Rep. Warren Kampf (R-Chester & Montgomery) said he is glad to see lawmakers moving toward reducing the Commonwealth’s debt ceiling and reforming runaway discretionary spending by state government. The debt reduction bill now goes to the Governor’s desk for his signature. From Harrisburg… Chuck Nichols reporting. Full story and bite are available.
Rep. Kampf Unveils Bill to Create Jobs and Expand Investments in PA Based High Technology Industries - 9/25/2012
Bipartisan legislation to encourage investment in Pennsylvania’s high-tech industries and create jobs was introduced in the state House on Tuesday. The bill unveiled by Reps. Warren Kampf (R-Chester/Montgomery) and Joe Hackett (R-Delaware) known as the Innovate Pennsylvania Program, would raise funds for investment specifically in the high-tech and life science industries. Rep. Kampf said the bill would provide incentives to encourage these businesses to remain and grow in Pennsylvania at a time when competition between states for attracting industries with good paying jobs is very high. Mike Davies reports... story and bite available.
Rep. Kampf Comments on Policy Hearing to Discuss High-Tech Job Growth in PA - 7/12/2012
How the state can help create high-tech jobs in Pennsylvania’s biotechnology industry was the topic of a House Republican Policy Committee hearing held recently in Chester County. The Committee heard testimony from company representatives and development groups about how the Commonwealth could increase its investment in these growing industries. Rep. Warren Kampf (Montgomery/Chester), who hosted the hearing, said the state must continue its commitment toward high-tech job creation. Chuck Nichols reports... story and bite available.